About Us

An Initiative of SAGE

The Global LGBTIQ+ Aging Network, a program of SAGE, is both a resource center and community of practice centered on advocating for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer older people around the world.

The goal of the Network is for LGBTIQ+ aging advocates and older people to share and access information, educational resources and technical assistance regarding global LGBTIQ+ aging. Through the Network’s registered users portal,  LGBTIQ+ aging advocates and older people can also collaborate with one another to share events, build community and discuss topics in the field.

LGBTIQ+ Aging Around the World

Around the world, LGBTIQ+ elders are some of the most marginalized and at risk among LGBTIQ+ peoples, experiencing rampant human rights violations based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and the stigma of ageism.  As a result of these compounding factors, LGBTIQ+ elders experience widespread discrimination, are at acute risk for severe social isolation, lack support networks, are disproportionately poor, and grapple with pronounced health disparities.

Despite these challenges, LGBTIQ+ older people are often sidelined in both conversations around the human rights of older people and in LGBTIQ+ advocacy. For example, national laws designed to protect older people often ignore the existence of LGBTIQ+ elders and high levels of anti- LGBTIQ+ discrimination within government programs, community-based services, and professionalized care (often delivered by religious organizations) make it difficult for LGBTIQ+ elders to access appropriate support. LGBTIQ+ elders are also largely invisible and disregarded even within LGBTIQ+ communities. These challenges are greatly exacerbated at the intersections, especially among elders who are women, transgender, gender non-binary, bisexual, intersex, and/or from groups that are disfavored because of racism.

In response to these injustices, a movement by and for LGBTIQ+  elders has begun to emerge around the world. This platform seeks to accelerate this work by creating a space for LGBTIQ+ older people to share resources, strategize and build community across geographies.

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